Lake View Orchards
A Courtyard of The King of Creation !

Not for nothing do we call it the king of fruits. In India, a mere mention of its name evokes images of royalty, grandeur, sweetness, fortune and abundance. Even sacredness; the fruit and the leaves of the mango tree form part of many religious and traditional rituals. Legend has it that Lord Ganesha got a mango gifted to his parents by Narada as a token of his love for his parents. Ancient Sanskrit literature also mentions how Surya Bai, the daughter of the Sun God, landed on Earth as a mango fruit to symbolise eternal love.
To own a plot in the orchard that houses this ‘king’ would be akin to owning a plot in the courtyard of the King of Creation! And with the blessings of the King Mango, that fortune beckons you! The Lake View Orchards – a property cut out for people with a royal heart – is up for grabs.
Just a breezy 60-minute drive from the heart of Chennai, Nungambakkam, the 20-acre development is nestled amidst lush green palm groves. Neatly distributed and demarcated into 55 individual plots of more than quarter an acre each overlooking a lake, the property instantly evokes a feeling of something special, something unique. It is the time and chance to dwell in style!